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THE Yellow Butter Cake from CIA

Hello all!  Long time ‘no blog’!  I realized that although I have been uploading pictures of my creations, I have not blogged about a recipe in awhile (and no those scary doughnut ‘wannabes’ did not take me out!).  I also realized that I have not blogged about a CIA recipe in awhile, SO without further ado, I give you THE YELLOW BUTTER CAKE!!  And can I say, OH HOW YUMMY!!!!!!!

I have made this particular cake numerous times and each time it turns out absolutely perfect and delicious!  This one rivals the pastry cream recipe in the CIA book i.e. ranks AT THE TOP!  Another nice thing about this cake recipe is that it is a great teaching tool for my students.  It teaches them the ‘high ratio’ mixing method.  Most cake recipes call for creaming of the butter and sugar together, separate mixing of the dry ingredients, separate mixing of the wet ingredients and then you alternate adding these dry and wet mixtures into the creamed sugar/butter mixture.  In this recipe (high ratio mixing method) instead of creaming together the butter and sugar as a first step, you blend together all of the dry ingredients with the all of the butter and a bit of the liquid.  It is mixed for approximately 4 minutes and it almost looks like a wet pie dough.  Then you add in the egg/vanilla/and milk mixture.  And wa-la you have cake batter!

By mixing in this manner, the crumb on this cake is delectable!  It has such a soft feel on your tongue, almost like a light pound cake texture.  It is SO hard to describe!  One of my students (thank you Jeanne) said, “the flavor is awesome, it is almost like a sugar cookie but in cake form!”  And it is!  Delicious, buttery, yummy goodness!  Plus it is a sturdy cake as you can see above.  I baked a 3-D duck cake from this recipe and it stood up very well (pardon the pun!)!!  The price of the CIA baking book is worth it for this and the pastry cream recipe!

Other examples of my use of this cake recipe was ‘Cakes for Causes’ (non-profit baking outreach group) Alice in Wonderland cake that we did for the Candlelighter’s Prom in March 2011.  If I am remembering correctly, we baked approximately 16 batches of this recipe for that giant cake!

If you’d like to learn more about Cakes for Causes or see the Alice in Wonderland cake, please visit:

But back to THE Yellow Butter Cake!  I give it 2 thumbs up, actually I’d give it 4 thumbs up if I had them!!

Below is a picture of the completed duck.  My dear friend and fellow cake decorating instructor, Liz, decorated the duck for a demo/fundraiser for Cakes for Causes at the Tucson Home Show.  Well done Liz!  Such a cute duck!  Thank you!

Happy Baking!

2 comments to THE Yellow Butter Cake from CIA

  • Kathy McGuirk

    Hi, Have you tried making this recipe into a chocolate cake? I know that the book says to replace 3/4 cup of flour with cocoa. I am looking for a really good chocolate cake and I like this vanilla cake.

  • Rene

    Hello! I am sorry that I am so slow to respond! Been busy baking! Yes, I have tried this recipe in the chocolate version and it came out very delicious. It is more of the ‘pound cake/sugar cookie’ i.e. a dense consistency as is the yellow butter cake recipe, but it is great! Or at least I think so! If you have tried it, or do try it, please let me know what you think. I know there are many people who prefer all their cakes to be light in texture but sometimes I like that dense, fudgy cake! Happy Baking!

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